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Free Food Programs in the Denver Area.

Every Child Deserves Healthy Food.

Yet 1 in 3 families in Colorado has trouble getting healthy, affordable food. That's why we've launched a new program to help connect Denver families to food and support. If that's you, you're not alone.

Any parent or caregiver in Denver can text the word MEAL to 274 448 to begin receiving free text messages with food assistance support.

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How We Connect You To Free Denver Food Programs

Denver is our backyard. That's why we're starting here! We're working with local, Denver-based organizations to share information about food distribution sites such as food pantries, food banks and more. We're also partnering with national experts (like No Kid Hungry and Cooking Matters) to help families get signed up for federal programs that can help with buying food like SNAP (sometimes known as food stamps) and WIC. 

We're here to support YOU, as you do your best for your family. You're not alone. 

Any parent or caregiver in Denver can text the word "MEAL" to 274 448, -OR- fill out the easy form above. It's that easy.

Our messages will tell families in Denver where to get free, healthy food. We'll also share tips on how to plan meals and save money.

And we're here to listen! Once you sign up for the MEAL program, text us back and let us know what you think. Did you sign up for a program? Did you go to a food distribution site? We can't text back, but we're listening. Let us know what you think of each message by responding and letting us know. Your feedback will help us get you the information you need most.

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What is the MEAL program?

At Bright by Text, we believe that every child and family deserves healthy food. We’re a national organization, but our roots are in Colorado–where 1 in 3 families has trouble getting healthy, affordable food. 


So we’re starting in our own backyard: Denver. We’re working with national and local experts on food and nutrition security–and we’re using our proven method of putting vital information directly into parents’ fingertips through text messages.


This pilot program aims to connect families to federal resources such as WIC and SNAP, local resources like food distribution sites and state/local agencies, and to help parents feel supported, not stigmatized, as they do their best for their families.


There are many programs, both national and locally, to help families get the food they need–but many families aren’t participating. Often, they simply don’t know these programs exist or that they’re eligible.


MEAL is an opt-in text message program for all parents in the Denver area who need help getting food for their families. Participants will receive approximately 1-2 text messages per week with connections to both federal and local resources.

Through surveys and simple questions via text message, we will evaluate the impact of our messages and use feedback to ensure we’re sharing the information that families need most.

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