For Families

Jump-starting early childhood development in your community is only a text message away.

We understand how challenging caring for a young child can be, that’s why we created Bright by Text. It’s easy to sign up for Bright by Text, and even easier to use. Simply text a local keyword for your community, then select English or Spanish as your language of preference. Then enter your child’s date of birth (or due date) to receive messages specific to the age and stage of development of your child. Enter your zip code and you’ll receive messages specific to local resources and events in your area.

Messages are sent 2-4 times per week and include evidence-based content from trusted early childhood experts on a wide range of topics to support child development and strengthen families.

Bright by Text is designed for parents (including expectant parents), grandparents, babysitters, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, teachers, and anyone else caring for a young child.

Bright by Text Messages

  • Are offered in English and Spanish
  • Provide developmental education and guidance based on the expected birthdate or age of a child up to eight
  • Synthesize content curated from partners such as Bright by Three, PBS, Vroom, and Sesame Street
  • Deliver relevant information about local resources and events where community partners exist
  • Link to a landing page with more learning materials, including short modeling videos and related books

“It's the perfect way for us to get ideas and advice and has helped empower us to be better caregivers for our two year old.”

BBT parent, Indianapolis, In

“As a new parent, I often lacked confidence in my parenting skills or was ambivalent in which trends to follow. With the advice that Bright By Text brings, I know that I am providing my child with stimulating and fun activities.”

BBT parent Brooklyn, NY

“Bright by Text answers a lot of questions that I didn’t even know I was seeking before so it definitely helps me understand my child’s development.” 

BBT parent Denver, CO