For Expecting Parents

Expecting? Congrats!

You want to give your baby the best start in life.

We can help, one text message at a time.

Before you meet your little one, meet Bright by Text.  

  • We'll send free text messages with easy, practical tips and info to parents-to-be, timed exactly to your due date. 
  • You’ll learn about baby’s development, how to keep mom and baby healthy, preparing for parenthood, and much more.
  • When your baby arrives, we keep the info coming. Those early years are critical, so we'll send messages timed to your child's exact date of birth to help you give your little one a bright start. If you speak Spanish, you can set your preferences to español.
  • Our content is provided by trusted partners like PBS, Sesame Street, and Vroom and customized by your baby’s age. It’s just what you need, when you need it most.
  • Because we are a non-profit, there’s no risk to sign up. We’ll never share your information or try to sell you anything. Also, we’ll never charge you for any of the valuable resources we provide. 
  • PS-More than 95% of Bright by Text subscribers indicate they feel more confident and informed about their child’s development as a result of our messages.

“It's the perfect way for us to get ideas and advice and has helped empower us to be better caregivers for our two year old.”

BBT parent, Indianapolis, In

“As a new parent, I often lacked confidence in my parenting skills or was ambivalent in which trends to follow. With the advice that Bright By Text brings, I know that I am providing my child with stimulating and fun activities.”

BBT parent, Brooklyn, NY

“Bright by Text answers a lot of questions that I didn’t even know I was seeking before so it definitely helps me understand my child’s development.” 

BBT, parent Denver, CO