Our Expert Parenting Tips Now Reach 100,000 Young Families

Parents, yes YOU! It takes a village to raise kids. Here’s why you should join ours.

By Bright by Text Team

Our Expert Parenting Tips Now Reach 100,000 Young Families

BParents, yes YOU! It takes a village to raise kids. Here’s why you should join ours.

Parenting is: __________ (adjective).

What word would you fill in the blank with? We’ll go first: rewarding. Or maybe exhausting, smelly, hilarious, heartwarming, or possibly just…challenging.

Every parent of a little one knows the roller coaster ride: the red-faced newborn cry, sweet smell of baby snuggles, sleepless nights, toothless grins, spit-ups, wobbly steps, adorable first words, tantrums, picky eating.

The worry that we’re doing this parenting thing all wrong. And the hugs—oh the amazing kid hugs.

The Bright by Text team is here to help on the journey through early childhood, because we know how important those years are—and how hard it is to raise a child.

Now, more than 100,000 parents and caregivers get our free, helpful parenting tips.

Are you next?

We send helpful text messages, created with childhood experts across the country, timed exactly to your child’s age and based on your family’s zip code. We cover all the topics a parent needs to know about.

To date, we’ve sent:
  • More than 10 million messages about local events. We’ve connected families to library story times, outings at local museums, visits with their kids’ favorite characters, free meals, and other helpful local events and resources.
  • More than 32 million messages timed to a child’s exact age. Feeding your baby, how to build your baby’s brain, when and how to introduce solid food, how much sleep your toddler needs, preparing your child for kindergarten, conversation starters and social-emotional activities for elementary school kids. In need of parenting advice? We’ve got newborn tips and toddler tips, and it doesn't stop there. We cover you through early childhood, into the elementary years.
  • Messages to families in all 50 states.

And we’re only getting started!

To join our village, simply text the word BRIGHT to 274 448. Or click here.

We’ll ask for your child’s due date or birth date, your zip code and your language preference. (We never send ads or share your info).

Then sit back, relax, and let us do some of the parenting work for you. Because kids don’t come with instructions.
About Bright by Text
Kids don't come with instructions. That's why Bright by Text sends the info parents need most for raising little ones, from pregnancy through age 8. To join our village and get our free messages based on your child’s exact age and where you live, simply text BRIGHT to 274 448 or click here. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You’ve got this, parents!


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