United Way's 'Bright By Text' offers free and fun text lessons for kiddos

By Scott Logan - June 16, 2021

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — The United Way of the Treasure Valley has launched an ambitious program to help students who may have fallen behind in their studies during the pandemic.

The program is called United We Read.

Done with a hard day's work, but fresh out of ideas for games to play with the kiddos?

The United Way's Christa Rowland has a great tip for you called 'Bright by Text."

"Bright by Text is a really great resource we're promoting through United We Read," Rowland said. "It's a free texting resource offered through Idaho Public Television for parents, caregivers and adults who are trying to help kids learn and grow at home."

Christa brings up one episode of Bright by Text.

"This one says, does your child like apples? Describing how food tastes and feels helps kids connect with their senses. And it will take me to more information and video to help me connect with my child.

"It sends two to five tips each week to the subscriber, and they are easy learning tips parents, adults or caregivers can do on the go with children to help them learn and grow. Sometimes we are so busy and it's hard to think of something complicated for your child to learn. These are so easy. I myself have two children at home and what's great about this resource is it sends me two texts, catered to each child and their different ages."

"Parents and caregivers can access the Bright by Text by texting IdahoFamily as one word, to the number 274448. It will also ask for a zip code -- you can receive local resources as well.

"It also reminds you of your child's check-ups so it just a great resource to help your kiddos be ready for school."


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