Support And Resources Our Parent And Child Care Subscribers Say They Need

By Jodie Fishman, Chief Content Officer, Bright by Text

Support And Resources Our Parent And Child Care Subscribers Say They Need

Free support and resources for young families

Raising young ones is hard. Throw in staying home and attempting to play the parts of parent, teacher, and employee--and, whoa. Everything becomes much, much harder. The team at Bright by Text gets it, and we want to help. So...

We asked.

On March 31, which feels like way longer than just one month ago, we sent a short, four-question survey out to all of our subscribers to help us understand how we can help you during the COVID-19 crisis. We also reached out to several hundred parents who offered to provide additional feedback to us, inviting them to participate in a short phone interview. 

Ultimately we received over 3,300 responses to our survey, and we talked in-depth with a dozen subscribers across the country. Your responses represent a wide range of geographies, children’s ages, and developmental needs. Over 1300 of our subscribers provided suggestions on other ways that Bright by Text could better support you right now, and we reviewed each of these suggestions to identify other ways we can help. 

You answered.

Some of the things we learned from you:

  • You’re looking for ideas. With everyone at home, many parents need suggestions on activities they can do with their kids. Nearly 80% of survey respondents said physical activities and arts and crafts suggestions would be helpful. 

  • You want to use what you already have. Parents especially value activities that they can do with everyday objects they have at their homes. Now’s not the time to go buy anything.

  • Everyone is eating. A lot. Parents shared that they would appreciate healthy snack and meal options, including recipes they can make with their kids. 

  • You’re looking for reassurance. A recurring theme was parental guilt over how you’re navigating schedules, homeschooling, and family stressors. Many asked for reassurance that you’re not failing and encouragement to keep trying.

  • You want info in the a.m. Now that most parents are also responsible for childcare and teaching, mornings are the best. Of survey respondents, two-thirds prefer that texts arrive in the morning. 

  • You’re thankful. Participants are grateful for our texts and were especially happy for an opportunity to provide feedback. 

We’re thankful too. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Want to know more about our survey results?  You can find them here

We’re responding.

We hear you. And in response, we’ve started:

  • Sending weekly messages specific to life during COVID-19. These include activities and games to do at home with your kids and other helpful resources.

  • Sending weekly messages with pure encouragement. It helps to know you’re not in this alone and that your best is good enough. So we’re telling you! Weekly.

  • Holding Facebook Live events with pediatricians and other leaders to give you ideas and help answer your most pressing questions.

  • A blog! We’re writing articles on topics that matter to you now more than ever.

We are committed to continuing to meet parents’ needs during COVID-19. Like what you’re receiving? Tell a friend to text BRIGHT to 274448 to sign up. Have more feedback? Send us an email at We’re in this together.


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