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Helping families, one text at a time

Father and Child

Bright by Text is focused on strengthening caregiver resilience, guiding early child development and education, and stimulating family interactions with one another and their community. Therefore, our ongoing evaluation methodology is designed to assess our impact improving the Confidence, Competence and Connections of the families we serve.

Leveraging a two-generation approach to support whole-child and whole-family health and resilience allows us to improve the confidence and capacity of caregivers while giving them the tools to build their child's skills leading to success in school and in life. 

Bright by Text has a 15+ year history of evaluation substantiating this work from our roots as an early childhood organization serving families with children aged 0-3 with hard copy materials and home visitation. We continue to evaluate and update our service for greater impact on caregiver behaviors and child outcomes.

Bright by Text Surveys:

Findings from survey analysis include the following results:

  • 95% of caregivers indicate that Bright by Text helped them feel more confident and informed about their child’s development
  • 77% of respondents feel that they have a community that provides supportive programs for raising children
2018 Study on Bright by Text by Marzano Research Laboratory

Bright by Text was reviewed via independent evaluation conducted by Marzano Research Laboratory. More than 1,000 caregivers across the country completed evaluative instruments that measure children’s language development, caregiver-child interactions, the home literacy environment, and parent stress.

Compelling results from this study demonstrate that Bright by Text is filling an important support role for caregivers.

  • 3-month language gain among low-income Bright by Text families compared to a control group
  • 34% of caregivers who received a message about a local event or resource reported attending an event or utilizing a nearby resource as a result of Bright by Text
  • Only 9% of Bright by Text subscribers report overwhelming stress due to parenting responsibilities, compared to 21% of comparison group with similar risk factors
  • 97% of respondents are likely to recommend the program to a friend or family member
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